9:30 PM, 9th Dec 2022
Event Description

Having a midlife crisis can feel like your whole life is coming apart at the seams. On the one hand, what you've focused on and created up to now no longer matters or holds any meaning to you. While on the other hand, you're afraid that making the necessary changes to what truly speaks to you now is way too big, too out there, too unlikely to succeed, or require too much investment in too many ways with too many knock ons or risks for you to dare try at your age.

Many people facing a midlife crisis try to wait it out, hoping it just goes away. But that never works. The more you wait the more the inner conflict increases. Creating ever more pain, fear, frustration, decision paralysis, wasted opportunity, and worry with no end in sight.

Sound right?

This live online transformational event is here to help. It's going to teach you about what is truly going on and why, as well as, how to face the complete truth and work with it in a way that gets you back in control of you and your life in a timely fashion.

In this live online class learn:

  • Why is this happening now?
  • Why and how your midlife crisis is good for you
  • How the mind works so you can regain control of yourself and your life
  • Why facing the complete truth and your fear is half the battle
  • How to know what is truly right for you so you make the right choice
  • How to work with your fear to grow in strength and become ready to choose what is truly right for you if you feel lacking now
  • The blueprint process for getting your life back on track
  • Free access to the bonus transformational hypnotherapy recording.
  • Access at the end of the event to special therapy and coaching session and program pricing, making it well worth your while.

Note: Can't attend the event online, but want the info anyways? No problem signup for the event, send me a message at and I'll be sure to send you a replay link.

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Midlife Crisis - How to Regain Control of Your Life

Friday, December 9 · 10:00 – 11:00am (12:00-1:00 pm EST, and 8:00-9:00 am PST)

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