Throughout the COVID 19 pandemic, the most of us were confined to small silos. Some of us went on adventures that we otherwise would have missed. However, despite our poor state of affairs, something interesting was occurring to the majority of us. The first wave of Covid 19 peaked when OnTalk initially took shape.

We still had a lot of alone time. At ontalk, we thought this was fascinating. By providing them links to online events they might attend, we engaged our already-existing community. The proposal was well received by our audience, who signed up for weekly updates. Thus we set out on our journey.To our subscribers; OnTalk compiles and broadcasts a list of noteworthy events. On our website, we list a wide selection of events. Delivering handpicked information as a rich experience has been the main goal.

We serve two TA subgroups. The attendees and the event organizer. Since we began operations in June 2020, the number of our subscribers has grown. People from all around India are in attendance.

About Ontalk

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