Career and Upskill
8:00 PM, 24th Nov 2022
Event Description

Product Leaders are often called the CEOs of Product. Companies typically rely on these high-ranking executives to make Strategic Business Decisions as well as Innovate for the future.

Things like, the ability to balance macro industry trends with what you need as a company to be able to leverage that, adept at managing a complex web of relationships in the ecosystem, making high-impact decisions in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty, continuously striving to master the art of storytelling and many more are crucial to decision making.

Ask the Expert on How does a CEO's portfolio look like? Also, understand what not to do if you plan to become the CEO of your Product or have plans to start your own venture as an entrepreneur.

Only 15 seats will be allotted for this Ask The Expert session. The main intent is for each participant to get sufficient time to interact with the expert and clarify any doubts about their careers.