Sustainable Living
3:30 PM, 25th Jan 2023
Event Description

In our comprehensive workshop, we explore your options for and provide practical advice on starting or building a more 'green', ethical and sustainable business.

  • We consider what a green business actually is and why you may choose be 'green'
  • We focus on developing a strategy, your mission / vision statements and the role of personal values
  • We explore the full range of business functions and how you can make practical changes within each
  • We then look in detail at the role of social and environmental enterprise in redefining business
  • We consider your options and obligations, and refocusing your 'SEE' mission statement
  • We finally reflect on other ethical routes via philanthropy, corporate social responsibility and charity / not-for-profit


The workshop includes time for Q&A and all attendees will receive a practical workbook to follow up on the topics explored and to help 'return what you learn' to your business.


Sign up today and we'll send out the Zoom link a few days beforehand and/or contact us for more information.


Our facilitator - Helen Wolf - is a qualified master coach-mentor, professional business consultant and experienced university business and enterprise lecturer, with a research specialism in corporate social responsibility and organisational ethics.